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The Broward Alliance of Caribbean's Educators, Inc., was established in October, 2010, with the primary purpose of positively impacting student lives through involvement in the educational process. Membership is comprised of professionals of Caribbean descent who have in the past or currently serve within the educational process and Broward County, Florida. The organization also works with individuals from the wider community who are committed to the objectives and goals of the organization.


BACE, Inc., provides book scholarships to deserving Broward County high school graduating seniors of Caribbean descent who will be attending an accredited college or university.  Students can access availability and deadline dates of BACE
scholarships by visiting


We in BACE have an “ever-evolving vision” which involves working  to be the voice of the Caribbean community in Broward County on educational matters, as well as social matters. As we emerge from our infancy, we strive to strengthen our membership and seek new ways to become educational advocates for the students of Broward County,  Pre-K to post-secondary, as well as their families.  We therefore implore you to join us and embrace the “village mentality,” in an effort to serve our community best.

Broward Alliance of Caribbean Educators, Inc., (BACE) exists to positively impact lives through educational opportunities for students, their families and all members of the learning community; to foster positive relations among Caribbean educational professionals; to provide outreach services; and to create a forum to address the civic and social issues for the empowerment of individuals from the Caribbean and wider community.

BACE was incorporated in the State of Florida under the provisions of Chapter 617, Florida Statutes July, 2010, and became a not-for-profit organization under the provisions of Section 501 (c) (3) of the United States of America Internal Revenue Code of 1986 September, 2011.

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  • Fostering good relations among Caribbean educational professionals serving in Broward County;

  • Being the conduit of advocacy and restorative justice for Caribbean children and families within the Broward School District and outside of the district;

  • Offering educational services and outreach to Broward’s Caribbean Community;

  • Providing a forum to address civic and social issues that relate to Broward’s Caribbean community; and

  • Serving the wider Caribbean.

Our Mission


  • Presentations to Caribbean parents on how to navigate the education system;

  • Scholarships to graduating high school seniors of Caribbean descent;

  • Collection of and distribution of school supplies to students, schools, and communities;

  • Holiday toy drives for foster children (Children’s Harbor);

  • Collaborating to author the guide, “Educating the Caribbean Child,” by hosting data collection focus groups with parents, students, and teachers of Caribbean descent;

  • Building alliances with church communities with large Caribbean congregations;

  • Sponsoring community outreach programs;

  • Partnering with Corinthian private sector businesses to accomplish joint objectives; and

  • Organizing various fundraising events on an annual basis.

We Need Your Support Today!

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